How To: The Linux Backup Guide (2013)

6-24-2013 10-14-44I have arrived at that happy point where I really want to start backing up my system automatically, not just a partition/path every once in a while with dump/rysnc (dump vs. rysnc I will get into, don’t worry).  This is a good practice for even those who think their systems are invulnerable.  “Oh, I don’t need to backup, I use Linux,” even from a home user standpoint is a horrible notion.  You’ll wish you did once you screw up a system config royally and can’t find it in ~/.local/share/Trash/files/ or a similar location.  That said let’s overview the two popular commands for backing up:

Head on past the break for me (Note: posted being compiled in pieces, check back for updates).


Via the Terminal (CLI) | Via a Graphical User Interface | Via Live CD / Boot CD



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