30 Days of GNU\Linux: Day 10,11

Well, I have been lazy, and did not update my “journal” of this great adventure of Linux, and nothing but Linux at home.  Now that I have Plex up and running, I am quite happy, and it is filling the void left behind by some missing channels on Roku, which I now love to death and wish that I had not ordered DirectTV now haha.  I am kind of at the point where I am making sure the programs I once used on Windows are found on Linux, or at least an alternative.  Below is some of the choice I have made in my Linux software pilgrimage:

Windows Program Linux Alternative Note:
Utorrent Deluge Full featured and works just as well
Office 2007/2010 LibreOffice Not as “pretty” looking but does everything MS Office does and more.
Winamp VLC Plays anything you throw at it
Audacious As close to Winamp as you can get
MP3tag PuddleTag Works just the same and often bettter!
Netflix Plex Media Center Plex is amazing, just get it 🙂
Remote Desktop VNC not shabby, old school
Teamviewer Very modern, cross platform
Podcasts Miro Amazing application, many channels to choose from
Steam Steam New release, only ~60 games so far

That’s just a sample of some things, as it has been a long day of working on my house, not so much a day for playing with Linux. I will try to stay on the ball with this journal, promise!





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