Software Spotlight: Holy UBUNTU BATMAN….what in the world is that?

So I wanted to revisit this whole “Ubuntu Phone” hubbub and discuss what is going on with Ubuntu touch.  It is* true you can install Ubuntu Touch (link below), but it’s not quite ready yet for prime time.  There is even a “lovely” disclaimer on the install page:

“Touch Developer Preview for Ubuntu” is released for free non-commercial use. It is provided without warranty, even the implied warranty of merchantability, satisfaction or fitness for a particular use. See the licence included with each program for details.”

So should you try it?  YES!  I did so and it is quite nice.  There are many features that are either missing or just not ready yet.  The install is a “snapshot” of the current release they have out in the wild, and not meant to be a benchmark against anything understandably.  I have this running on my ol’ Google Galaxy Nexus, and every video I have seen, it is on that device.  Currently the install is only “approved” for the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, Nexus 7, and Nexus 10.  I would not advise trying this on other devices that are your primary modes of communication, but who knows some of it may work on, for instance a Samsung Galaxy S3.

The instructions are pretty easy to follow, and thankfully a ppa was set up for it, so you can always receive the latest image.  So, hey, what the hell, give it a go!

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