How-To: Sharing Terminal CLI output to the Web

I see this ALL the time.  User enters forum, presents problem with no details.  Commenters ask for output of “command -this, command -that,” as user happily posts hundreds of lines of shoddy code.  Sure, you can post with “code” tags, but often, it is very hand to have a link you can give someone to a large piece of output, or a permanent link to your code.

…and that is the norm, but it is highly useful to know how to output your Terminal activity to the world wide web of sports…errrr , www, yes that’s it.  Trust me, I’ve been there, so that’s why I am not showing you what’s up.

Now there are several tools and sites to do this.  I have been always fond of paste bin, so I installed their CLI/Terminal friendly package, named pastebinit. Install this handy tool by inputting this into the Terminal:

sudo apt-get install pastebinit

After this, all you need to do is “pipe” any command or resulting output to pastebininit, and you will get a hand dandy link to share it with the developers, users, groups, or the world! Bwahahaha. Here is an example of it in action:

dmesg | tail | pastebinit 

That’s it!

Till next time,



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