How-To: Edit Your Menu Item’s in Debian/Ubuntu/Mint

If you Debian based distro of choice lacks the Menu Editor that is included in some, but removed from others, have no fear, it still works!  Many of those who install from source code, or install small binaries that hide in places like /usr/local/bin and the like (type “$PATH into Terminal for user paths), are left with no shortcut afterward!  That is fine and dandy for guys like me who don’t mind opening up the Terminal and typing the program name, but even I sometimes like to have a cool looking icon.

This can still be done with “alacarte.”  Alacarte is the good ol’ menu editor we have been using on systems like Ubuntu and Linux mint for quite some time.  Although Mint does not currently come with this utility, it installs and works just fine.  You can find in your software center or by using the command:

sudo apt-get install alacarte

After you install, don’t go looking for “alacarte” in your applications list.  You will see it named as “Main Menu,” as if it was sort of official system settings app.  Well it is, but some distros remove it.  Odd, right?  Now, the menu is not overly difficult to manage.  You have options to move things in and out of folders, rename them, reorder, among other things.  Upon hitting “new item,” you will receive a box like this:


Type: This usually is on application, and is fine by default

Name: This can be whatever you want it to be, put “snuffaluffagus” for all I care 🙂

Command: this is the important part, you want to specify exactly what you would run from the Terminal CLI here.  For instance, firefox for Firefox, or MakeMKV for MakeMKV, appending any “-options” that you want.  Don’t worry, you can always change this at a later date.

Comment: anything you would like to put there as notes


That’s it!  Hopefully this gives you the flexibility to reorder your menu as you see fit.

Till next time,



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