I’m old, what time is it? Setting custom Time/Date in your Linux system

This is one of those subjects nobody talks about, like fight club…but for NERDS.  Yes, that is a binary clock on the left here, but that is just for style, and … yes move on.  Setting your clock on any system typically is an automatic affair.  You tell it to grab the atomic time, or system time from a server out in lala land or a much more accurate atomic clock. But what if you want something more granular?  I myself prefer the, for instance today, 20130621 date format, with a time format of 1412.  If I wasn’t weird and OCD about my Linux stuff, I wouldn’t be a Linux user 🙂  Well, finding documentation on the values requires a careful Google search, or you can just read this ^_^ . Read on for me… Let’s review what each value does (edit, %n does nothing entered in error): date

How to set your custom Time\Date: Terminal (CLI interface)

sudo date newdatetimestring


  • Most distros have a simple time/date, cal, or Calendar applet in your systems settings, please refer to your distro of choice’s documentation.

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