30 Days of GNU\Linux: Day 10 – SUCCESS! Plex Media Server FTW

I am ecstatic today.  I have successfully setup Plex Media Server on Linux after a bit of sweat and elbow grease.  Turns out it took not only permission changes, but a carefully made symbolic link.  The full details on how all this was setup, plus and update to the Top 5 Linux Media Servers post will be coming down the pipe tomorrow.  Right now 2 TB of data is being transferred back over to my server drive.  Plex is perfect* at trans-coding (if you allow it to, but tomorrow in my detailed summary, you will see what types of media it prefers and just what quirks to look out for.

I am head over heals happy with this.  What this means is with a Roku box and a home computer running Plex Media Server (as a backend), the Roku is the 1 stop shop for all media center.  Too bad XBMC never made a Roku app, would have loved that.  The Roku is truly the one stop shop, once you get the right apps on it.

Till tomorrow!



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