News Reel: VP9 Codec Enabled in Chromium, internet playback woes over?

I am happy to report web video is much smoother with VP9, as I tested various web services. Still no solution for Amazon Instant though. I now get no buffer interruptions (I did even with a 10 Mb/s connection on chrome-stable) and video is crisp HD. Smooth as butter 🙂

After last months musings about VP9, we finally have it, well on Chromium! This next-gen compression technology hopes to improve upon the previous VP8, both of which fall under the WebM umbrella, providing many free Web codecs, free from royalty constraints.

VP9’s strong point is its efficiency over the H.264 HD codec, using less bandwidth on the average video you watch. Hot on its heals though, is H.265 (Ooooo scary!), offering almost the same quality, at 1/2 the number of bits/s of H.264, but still at the cost of patent royalties. Also I am curious as to how wall VP9 transmits its video and how it handles compression. Don’t mention also that the patent lawyers will most likely come A’ knockin’ regardless.

Does this mean Amazon Instant and Netflix will work reliably on the web? Most likely not, but I hope to give it a go tonight on my test VM and see how well it works on the major video sharing sites. Check back later tonight for a performance/review update. For now, see below for a link to the Open Source Browser, Chromium, the “test-bed” for Chrome.

Download Chromium (latest build)

Source: TNW


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