30 Days of GNU\Linux : Day 7

UPDATE: After installing netflix-desktop on my Macbook (2010), video wasn’t perfect, but it was watchable.  So in a nutshell, it depends on your CPU/GPU I would guess, as my HTPC is a little dated…

Ran into some frustration today.  One thing is for sure, and you see it ALL over google and many Ubuntu/Mint forums, is Amazon Instant and Netflix.  I have used the method to install Netflix on Mint/Ubuntu.

Here is How to install the Netflix Desktop App on Ubuntu Linux. Open a terminal and run these commands:

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ehoover/compholio

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install netflix-desktop

On my paricular core 2 duo box runing Mint 15 Olivia, it worked, but with choppy video. This method uses Mono + Wine to emulate silverlight and the application layer itself.

My NEXT frurstration is Amazon Instant, which is HIGHLY annoying in its inconsistancy to work correctly on Linux, even easier distros such as Ubuntu/Mint. You would think we would get better support because we actually pay good money to watch instantly…nope. I have tried countless methods, from installing hal and lib hal1 (apt-get install libhal1 hal), as well as complicated manuvers such as this.

For now, I believe your best bet is running a Virtual Machine with XP/Win7 to get satisfactory playback. I will post my results on that process tomorrow.

Till Next time!



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