30 Days of GNU/Linux: Day 3

Frustrated.  That all there is to it.  I could blame myself for diving back into Arch Linux so soon after being away from Linux this long.  But since I still know my way around the file system, and the excellent Arch Linux beginners guide, I figured what the hell.  I was a bit off on that one..

Turns out I had 0 problem install the system.  What’s the problem then you ask?  Mother-freaking-xorg.  If that was a real Xorg config file, I would chuckle…a little.  Vesa, nouveau, Nvidia, no driver would seem to work.  Often I would get screen mismatches on -configure builds of Xorg, no screens found, or a failed Nvidia kernel load.  Yay!  After a long night of Mountain Dew and Pizza, I finally left my fate to the bbs Arch Linux boards.  If I can’t solve this soon, I may just jump back to a Debian distro.  Grrr!

I didn’t get around to install Linux Mint on the HTPC pc yet, due to said frustrations with Arch Linux (which I had 0 issues installing back in 2006/07… go figure).  I Mint is an EXCELLENT distro for the media focused home user, and I definitely recommend it.

On a lighter note, I successfully triple booted Mac OS X, Linux Mint, and Fedora 19 beta on my Macbook Pro, 7,1)  Do not* use Fedora <18.  It is a complete mess with UEFI (the ‘bootloader’ of a Macbook).  Fedora 19 Beta works well enough, trust me.  I can post details on this process, but in summary:

  1. Install Mac OS X (clean install is best)
  2. Run EVERY update for firmware updates
  3. Run Disk Utility and shrink your Mac OSx partition small enough for another OS, parition the drive, but do not go on to “install windows.”
  4. reboot and confirm partition
  5. Install rEFIt
  6. reboot twice after installation
  7. Confirm you can boot into the new bootloader
  8. Insert your Linux distro of choice and shutdown (rEFIt likes a good shutdown for good results, as restarting from* OS X, is more of a soft* reboot)
  9. Hold c and power on the Macbook
  10. Install the Linux distro, making sure you REMOVE the FAT32 partition that was created for windows and then installing the necessary partitions

So far so good.  If I end up with Linux Mint, Fedora, Debian or what have you, on the home Desktop, so be it, at least the drivers are very stable in those.

To another day…




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