30 Days of GNU/Linux: Day 2

Things on the desktop with Linux Mint have been PERFECT.  However, to address my more technical thirst, I will most likely end up with Arch Linux on the desktop.  The Macbook Pro, hasn’t fared so well.  I ended up dual booting Mac OS X with Linux Mint (Mint has the updated Grub2, Fedora 18 did not).  I really* wanted to have Fedora on at least the laptop to reacquaint myself with a bit of the enterprise side.

Turns out Fedora 18 is a NIGHTMARE with UEFI systems, especially the Macbook, defaulting after live DVD load to Fedora’s CLI Dracut system.  I tried and tried and tried many things in Dracut to get the Fedora Grub chainloader to find the .is file, to no avail.  After working on that for a long while, I decided to give Fedora 19 Beta a good, which worked out well.  I was finally able to boot into at least the installer, which is now loading the OS.  Fingers crossed!

Till tomorrow!


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