The Wire: Follow Us on Twitter!


Yes people, I have finally done it, I have succumbed to the life snatcher that is “Twitter.” Let me state this in a clear way everyone can understand, I don’t like twitter, I see no point in constantly telling someone “Hey I made a MASSIVE poop” or if “Cindy is depressed because her boyfriend dumped her.” Facebook is enough people. And when people follow you are they really your friends? Idiosyncrasies aside, I decided to nab an account not to do as mentioned, but to shamelessly promote The Linux Cauldron 🙂

So, if you do have twitter and wish to follow us, be sure to add Our Twitter Page to your account! Additionally, you can add our RSS Feed, located at the bottom of the right hand column on the site. Also be sure to watch out for us on Digg!




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