LOL of the Week: The Lenovo T400

In my search for a new laptop that is going to replace my horrible Dell Laptop (yes it will get Linux on it silly), I came across Lenovo’s Thinkpad, as many people have told me its still made almost as good as the once IBM owned Thinkpads were. With this in mind I wandered on over to the Lenovo online store. I always configure the lowest of whatever model (in this case the T400), and just bump it up, however this time I choose the second model over in the columns. To my surprise I found this delightful option:


I have to say I was quite surprised, $9533.00 USD for a graphics card? The listing reads, “Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD – Non-AMT [add $9,533.00]” My Jaw dropped. I checked the other model columns for the T400, and this wasn’t the case, as they had ATI cards under the hood. It was a funny mistake, and a good one at that, now I wonder what you get for a “Non-AMT” Video Card? And closest result on Google to “Non-AMT” is a tax free relief option, but I doubt that is what it means, but I can’t see it being $9,000+ USD. Wikipedia says AMT is “hardware-based technology for remotely managing and securing PCs out-of-band”. This Wikipedia entry has nothing to do with the context of the graphics card option pictured here so I am completely unsure just what this technology is. Obviously the price is type for sure. Just for fun I threw every option available onto the T400 and got this:


Shame on you Lenovo! It gave me a good laugh, and I figured I would share it with you. I will probably check back later and see if they fixed it. I have attached a thumbnail of a large screenshot. There you have it, the LOL of the week.

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  1. passer-by

    Hi, I found that Intel GMA 4500MHD Non-AMT is a discrete graphics card…

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