The Wire: Many Turn to Open Source Software


With the economy at hard times many are looking to cut corners by any means possible. We see the horror stories, lay-offs, pay cuts, and much worse, liquidation, bankruptcy and more. With these dire times, many companies are seeing the positive and are turning to Open Source software to save some pennies and at the same time, are seeing the benefits not only in cost, but performance, stability, and more.

Here is some indication of Worldwide software revenue year-over-year growth rates 2006-2013 (Source: IDC)


With Linux showing up in more and more businesses this only means good things for the future of open source software. Even Companies once using Unix systems are switching to Linux as an alternative, that can pretty much do just as much as Unix, minus the Support they may be missing, but at this point they most likely know how to do anything anyway. IDC is quoted as saying “highly compatible with two of the hottest trends in the industry: virtualization and cloud computing.” With the surge of “cloud computing” we see companies turning to Linux for its low cost and efficiency, with much more customization that closed source alternatives.

We see most revenue as of late coming from Server/Hardware areas for Linux, but most of that is slated to change. According to, it seems software will be making a bigger dent, especially in the United States were the economic downturn is affecting business’s everywhere. Most companies are now realizing, in their darkest hour, the benefits of Linux and Open Source applications.

In the following chart we see a surge in application software:


I think we will see alot of this growth in database, enterprise apps, and and many other general apps. What is most exciting is many IT executives and Admins are actively considering Linux on the desktop , and even more, up to 3/4 of 300 polled by IDC for servers. However, we shouldn’t see huge decreases in Linux distros like Red Hat, the focus is primarily on the benefits of Linux and Open Source software, not saying that the IT execs will fork over money for a professionally supported distro or not.

The following graph shows the growth of Linux server Operating sytems:


In any case, it should be an exciting surge for Linux, especially in the United States. Just be glad IT execs arn’t pushing for Mac Servers 🙂
You can read the full IDC article here Credit to the pictures and link mentioned go to IDC.

Some credit goes to [Desktop Linux] for the original information I based this blog off of. Credit due where credit is due.

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