The Wire: Talks Over Acquisition of Sun Labs Look Grim


Looks as If talks over the acquisition of Sun Mircosystems by Microsoft may be over, for good. IBM initially had an offer of $9.40 American, which was a pretty alright asking price, but given the market situation, Microsoft wanted to negotiate. Microsoft has since then reject the 7 Billion Dollar offer by Sun, the reason still unknown. This now hurts Sun’s image as the once great Silicon Valley company now must deal with the results. Previously, IBM had once took a stab at buying Sun, and word around the web is that if IBM doesn’t like it, it says alot about the potential value of the company. What was once though as an advantage and tool to compete with other companies, the acquisition of Sun Microsystems by another company seems grim. It is not known if , at a lower price, IBM would reconsider purchasing Sun Microsystems.

[Via Reuters]


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