DVD Galore: The Best GUI Programs For Ripping / Copying DVD’s

I have LONG been frustrated by many DVD ripping / Burning programs, there just doesn’t seem to be an all in one Disc Copy Program does there? Well for most K3B will do everything you want (DVD copy, Title rips, compression etc), although I am working out some bugs in my K3B program on Arch Linux, so I will show you my two favorite Programs that you will sure to love.


  • The way you install this on your distribution may vary, but the package should always be called “k3b” For instance “sudo apt-get install k3b” or on Arch Linux, “pacman -S k3b”
  • Note: The DVD RIP tool AND DVD COPY tool can be also found under “tools” on the main screen in K3B
  • When you open the program it will look like so:


  • In most cases you can simply click on your DVD drive in the left-hand menu, in this case, the movie Hitman (Which I actually DO own RIAA 😛 )
  • This next dialog box will inform you that you are RIPPING the dvd, if you wish to COPY the dvd straight up to a Dual Layer DVD-R, then select “Open Copy DVD Dialog


  • If you choose to COPY the disc, this next screen will come up (see below). What you are to do here is select the source and destination, typically the movie disc and the DVD-RW drive, respectively.


  • Follow the prompts and it should burn your DVD fine. Keep in mind K3B burns DVDs as DUAL LAYER, so that is why I go on to explain how to rip the “main title” or “main movie” only with K3B and also K9copy (below)
  • This next screen is the screen you will see if you choose to open the DVD RIP dialog box. Right click the title you wish to rip, most likely “Title 1”. You will know its the main movie, as it is likely the largest file size



  • K9copy is your best friend when it comes to ripping a DVD from DVD9 to DVD5 (which will be covered in a later segment) and what we will talk about here, namely ripping the main title of a film and burning it
  • First thing, install the program in your respective distribution. If Ubuntu this would be “sudo apt-get install k9copy” or in Arch Linux, “pacman -S k9copy.
  • If you are using a minimalist distro such as Gentoo or Arch Linux, its a very GOOD idea to install these dependencies: (dvdauthor ffmpeg hal kdebase-runtime libdvdnav mplayer xine-lib). If you don’t desktop and program icons may not display properly, or the program may malfunction
  • This is the main screen:


  • What I do here, and no offense to “elitist” persona, is open up the “wizard” (located on the main toolbar)


  • Choose the source drive, hit next and you will see this screen:


  • All you have to do here is specify if you want it to: burn to a disc, save to .iso disc image format, or copy to a folder on your respective machine. Typically we just want to burn to the DVD-R disc, so select that. Don’t worry about the options below, such as “Rip and Encode” as for normal use this is not necessary.
  • Hit “next” to start analyzing the disc and begin copying! If you receive a message to insert a DVD-R disc, and you know it is in the drive, just hit “Ok”

That’s it for “Programs Gallery” today. Hope you enjoyed the tutorial, leave some feedback, I don’t mind. It will help me be more complete in the future.




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