The Wire: Upcoming Post On Richard Stallmans Visit to Lycoming College, Williamsport, PA, UA


Coming up this Wed. (hopefully), is my notes, thoughts, and reactions to Richard Stallmans speech on Copyright and Free Software at Lycoming College in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, located in the United States. It was quite interesting. I have to sift though about 2 hours of audio before I make my post here about it. Sit tight I should have the entry up by Wed. of this week. I have to wait for the audio file from a friend, hopefully that gets here soon!




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  1. Any word on the audio/video (hopefully in free codecs)?

    • shadowkain99

      George, I am getting the audio track tonight, it is audio only, but still a great speech. The post will be up sometime around midnight EST if I get the audio file from my friend who was there with me.

      Thanks for you interest.

    • shadowkain99

      Just called my friend Eriq, turns out it was a huge .wav files so naturally he use a converter to MP3, but somehow the program instead of INPUT/OUTPUT, did OUTPUT/INPUT, and corrupted the .wav file. He didn’t back it up, I am going to try and reconstruct the file or save what I can, ill let you know when I do so.

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