How-To Session: Open Your mind…err System – Changing Your Ubuntu Software Sources

In today’s short post, I will be describing how to change your software sources. Unless prompted to do so, extra software, that may be proprietary and not “free” as in “freedom” or the other widely used term, “Open Source” (which is not the same according to Richard Stallman), is NOT installed by default when you install Ubuntu, you must tell Ubuntu to allow you to use these

Extras: Changing your software sources / repositories:

  1. Go to System > Administration > Software Sources


  • The first screen above is to edit your Software Sources.
    You Can check all boxes you wish to can access to not just all packages, but source code as well
    Keep the Server on “Server for United States or your Country, this can be changed if you wish, but the most amount of software is on your Countries’ Server I believe


  • Above is where you can add 3rd Party PPA’s or Custom Made Repositories


  • Above is an example of a file from the internet that you would import in the “Third-Party Software” tab, in Software Sources
  • What is important here is , is the “deb” and “deb-src” lines. You must add them independently by clicking “+Add” in the “Third-Party Software” tab of Software Sources.
  • NOTE: take special notice of the entry “This repository is signed with…” under the PPA entries. Following this will be a link like , in this example, ” 1024R/85C2A3C7″ , clicking on that link, will bring you to another page, where you click in the link, “85C2A3C7” This next window contains the “key” you will add to the text file I will explain in a second


  • This screen shot above is where you would add your Private Authentication Key from the PPA or Custom Repository. The key is a file that looks like such:


To add this key:

  1. Open up Terminal
  2. Type “sudo nano /path/you/want/to/key” (sudo necessary if you save in a protected area
  3. Paste in the key from the website, like above, that you got the PPA
  4. Save this file
  5. Type “chmod 400 /path/to/file” into Terminal
  6. In the Software Sources window > Authentication tab, click “Import Key” and find the file you just saved.

Thats it for today. I hope you now know how to manipulate your Software Sources efficiently. Thanks for Reading!




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