How-To Session: Use the Ubuntu USB Startup Disc Creator on 8.04


Many times I will get asked “How can I put Ubuntu on a USB drive?”  The simple answer has always been use Unetbootin.  Unetbootin is a simple tool that can take any linux iso (almost) and make a bootable USB version of it.  But what if no matter what you experience issues using pen drive linux or Unetbootin?  Fear not poor soul!  The official “USB startup Disk Creator” that has been on Ubuntu’s Live CD since 8.04 is the key!  Im making this post becuase UNTIL april 23, students who have tried 8.10 know , more than anyone, that 8.10 does not play well with WPA2 Enterprise with PEAP

The answer of course is to make a 8.04 Live usb with the same tool thats on 8.10!  Its not in Synaptic Package manager you say?  No worries.  Follow these steps…

  1. Download and Burn a copy of Ubuntu 8.04 at low burn speed 🙂 , safety first!
  2. Put that same iso on a usb drive (1 GB or more)
  3. Boot the live 8.04 CD you made
  4. Get the 8.10 USB creator .deb package HERE
  5. Install the deb package
  6. Copy the 8.04 .iso file to the desktop
  7. You can use the same drive, formatted, but recommended is to use another USB drive (again 1GB or more)
  8. Start the USB Startup Disk Creator.  Located in System > Administration > USB Startup Disk Creator
  9. Point the tool to the 8.04 .iso on the desktop
  10. Format the USB if prompted
  11. You’re Done!

That simple!  This tool should flawlessly make you a 8.04 Live /Installable / persistent USB flash drive.  The persistent part means you can make changes while booted into your new Live Ubuntu USB, and it will retain any changes you made.  This is what happens when you install it with this tool, it will actually say that on the final steps of the process.  Im am not 100 percent sure if this is true for Unetbootin or ALL usb drives in general.




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  1. Hi,

    i’m just mucking about with Ubuntu – working my way up to Glassfish servers, MySQL & Java apps, etc then my daughter’s NetBook broke so I thought I’d try to install Ubuntu for her and Hardy didn’t have the USB-Creator, annoying! So this page was FANTASTIC! thanks. Saved me lots of pain.

  2. Doesn’t work. Your link doesn’t point to a .deb package, and I can’t find a working usb-creator package anywhere.

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